“Yozen Frogurt” Westlake Village Frozen Yogurt Store Review

Fellow Froyo lovers,

My second review is of the independently owned froyo store,  Yozen Frogurt, located in Westlake Village, California. I had a great experience with Yozen Frogurt! Froyo stores can be somewhat of a hit or a miss these days so I didn’t quite know what to expect going in, but I can assure you after the cup of froyo I had and the service I received, I will definitely be going back.


Immediately upon entering I was greeted by a smiling employee who asked me if I needed any help or had any questions. Although I went it at what seemed to be a slower time for the shop, she was very attentive while I was there and checked me out quickly. She also immediately offered a rewards card I could use to get free froyo with more visits to Yozen Frogurt. Obviously, I got the card!


Yozen Frogurt has a great look and feel to it. The sign is simple, cute and visually appealing. The store was clean, well maintained and stocked. They had a crazy variety of toppings! I’m positive there is something for everyone at Yozen Frogurt. They had separate topping dispensers on the wall with various dry toppings and candies. Right next to them were six choices of syrups you could add to your froyo. On a separate island they had the “fresh” toppings available. All of the fruit was very fresh and completely stocked. This is EXTREMELY important in a froyo shop. You never want fruit that has been sitting out too long. For me, it’s an immediate sign not to return to a froyo store. No one wants old fruit ruining their frozen yogurt!


Yozen Frogurt had tons of machines stocked with a numerous amount of delicious flavors. I like to try as many yogurt flavors as possible so I filled my cup with a variety. One of my favorites was Peaches and Cream. It was delicious!


The whole style of the shop was adorable! Their sign was cute and simple with a good font. Everything was clean, organized and it smelled amazing in there.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend Yozen Frogurt if you love frozen yogurt! It’s a great, independently owned froyo shop that will not disappoint! Below I’ve added some photos of my trip, so check it out.

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading. Have a wonderful day!

Peace, love, froyo.


frozen yogurt machine frozen yogurt store frozen yogurt business

Adorable sign! Love the font and the picture!

frozen yogurt machines frozen yogurt shop

The front of Yozen Frogurt, nice glass windows, made it very light in there!

frozen yogurt machine frozen yogurt review frozen yogurt business

Cup Dispenser
frozen yogurt machine

The topping bar! Look at that variety.frozen yogurt machines frozen yogurt reviews

commercial frozen yogurt machines frozen yogurt business frozen yogurt machines reviews

So many flavors!

frozen yogurt machine frozen yogurt review

My delicious cup of froyo :)


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