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Yummy Frozen Yogurt!

This is it! My first post on a yogurt store in LA. Hope you guys enjoy!

While I am not always a fan of  franchises because I like to support independent froyo store operators, this Yogurtland is an exception. It’s located in Mid-City, Los Angeles on Venice blvd. It has ample parking which is awesome because looking for parking just to get some froyo isn’t much fun at all, often times it can deter you from a store.

I will start out by discussing their free sample cups! This is a great idea because it gives customers the opportunity to try out all the flavors before they make the decision of purchasing a full cup of yogurt. Frozen yogurt can get pretty expensive so it’s nice to have the guarantee that it will be a flavor you enjoy. It’s a great marketing tactic and helps people feel like their money is being well spent. The only downside of this sampling method is that often times companies can lose money based on how many samples customers are taking. It is a double edged sword and there is definitely a balance each froyo store has to find.

Yogurtland has a TON of flavors and toppings. The variety and amount of choices/combinations you have at this Yogurtland is almost overwhelming but assures that there will certainly be something for everybody! The sample cups aided in helping me make the “difficult” decisions of which flavors I would choose. Like I said before, great marketing and customer service tactic.

I saw various flavors like Strawberry Lemonade, Grapefruit Guava sorbet, Hazelnut Latte, Peach Tart, Sesame Vanilla, Banana Foster, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Blackberry Passion Fruit and Toasted Coconut just to name a few! Talk about variety! This is not to mention the vast amount of toppings they had to finish of your personalized yogurt creation.

I ended up going with the Strawberry Lemonade, Mango and the Sesame Vanilla. I was in the mood for tangy AND sweet.  They serve a good, solid product that is firm but is not too icy. It seems like they really have gotten the air to product ratio down in their yogurt machines.

The one downside I noticed was that the strawberries and blueberries looked like they had been sitting out for a little too long. This is a simple mistake a lot of yogurt stores make but keep in mind, fresh fruit and toppings keep the customers rolling in. You never want a customer to be dissastisfied with the freshness of your fruit. Most of the other fruits looked very fresh though so it could have just been a minor fluke!

Here are some photos from my Yogurtland visit:


Thanks for reading and if you’re interested in visiting this yogurt store, here is the address:

Address: 4733 W Venice Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90019

Let me know what you think!



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