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Frozen Yogurt Business and Social Media

Frozen Yogurt Business and Social Media Why is it important for your soft serve business? Hello my froyo friends!   Todays post is going to be discussing the important of social media for your frozen yogurt business. While store reviews, customer satisfaction and word of mouth are great marketers, in this day and age your […]

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Sam Haider Frozen Yogurt Industry Maverick

Why Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt?

Why Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt?  Frozen Yogurt is making a comeback!   In the 80’s and early 90’s, soft serve frozen yogurt was a hot item. It was everywhere. Over time, the market matured and eventually became saturated. Froyo started to gradually decline in the late 90’s and settled into a treat you could still find, but not as […]

Yogurtland in Mid-City LA

This is it! My first post on a yogurt store in LA. Hope you guys enjoy! While I am not always a fan of  franchises because I like to support independent froyo store operators, this Yogurtland is an exception. It’s located in Mid-City, Los Angeles on Venice blvd. It has ample parking which is awesome […]