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Frozen Yogurt Business and Social Media

Frozen Yogurt Business and Social Media Why is it important for your soft serve business? Hello my froyo friends!   Todays post is going to be discussing the important of social media for your frozen yogurt business. While store reviews, customer satisfaction and word of mouth are great marketers, in this day and age your […]

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Franchises or Independence – Frozen Yogurt Business

Franchises or Independence – Frozen Yogurt Business   Hey Froyo friends! I thought it would be good to do a post on your options if you’re looking to open a frozen yogurt store. you essentially have three options – Franchises, Licensing Deals or Straight Purchase with no strings attached. In this post, I’ll go through […]

Planet Yogurt in Valencia, CA

Hello Fellow Froyo Lovers! This review is about Planet Yogurt in Valencia, California. I will start off by saying that I will certainly be going back to Planet Yogurt! It was amazing from the start. When you first walk in you are greeted by a very friendly staff asking if you have any questions immediately. […]

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frozen yogurt reviews

What it Takes to Start Your Own Self-serve Frozen Yogurt Business 1

What it Takes to Start Your Own Self-serve Frozen Yogurt Business Hello my lovely readers! Do you want to start your own froyo business? Here’s another post with some advice and tips on how to get started! One of the biggest obstacles of jumping into this business is probably start-up cash. It costs less to open […]

“Yozen Frogurt” Westlake Village Frozen Yogurt Store Review

Fellow Froyo lovers, My second review is of the independently owned froyo store,  Yozen Frogurt, located in Westlake Village, California. I had a great experience with Yozen Frogurt! Froyo stores can be somewhat of a hit or a miss these days so I didn’t quite know what to expect going in, but I can assure […]

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Honey Hill Farms Frozen Yogurt Mix Review

The Honey Hill Farms are based out of Arkansas and are one of the largest and most popular national suppliers of frozen yogurt mix products. They’ve have over 65 years worth of knowledge and experience making gourmet soft-serve desserts. They have dozens of different types of yogurt such as seasonal flavors, greek, nonfat, nonfat tarts, nonfat with […]

How many frozen yogurt machines do you need for your new store? 1

How many froyo machines will you need for your self serve store to be a success? A lot of people have this question. The amount of machines used in a self serve frozen yogurt store can vary anywhere from 3 to 10. The bigger franchise stores like Orange Leaf, Pinkberry, Menchie’s and Yogurtland seem to stay […]

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Yogurtland in Mid-City LA

This is it! My first post on a yogurt store in LA. Hope you guys enjoy! While I am not always a fan of  franchises because I like to support independent froyo store operators, this Yogurtland is an exception. It’s located in Mid-City, Los Angeles on Venice blvd. It has ample parking which is awesome […]