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Frozen Yogurt Business and Social Media

Frozen Yogurt Business and Social Media Why is it important for your soft serve business? Hello my froyo friends!   Todays post is going to be discussing the important of social media for your frozen yogurt business. While store reviews, customer satisfaction and word of mouth are great marketers, in this day and age your […]

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frozen yogurt machine reviews

Frozen Yogurt Machine Review – Argosy 8000i

Frozen Yogurt Machine Review Argosy 8000i Two-Flavor, Free-Standing Soft Serve Machine   Hello to all of my lovely readers! Today I am going to review the new Argosy 8000i Frozen Yogurt machine. I am a huge fan of this machine and think it’s a great new development in the commercial soft serve yogurt machine industry. […]

Stoelting Soft Serve Machine Review – Stoelting F231

The Stoelting F231 costs about $13,500 per machine when buying multiple machines for a yogurt store. It ranks up there in price with the Taylor and Electro-Freeze models. As an fyi, pricing on frozen yogurt machines varies depending on region and number of machines purchased. Performance and product yield wise, the F-231 makes a great […]

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