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Frozen Yogurt Business and Social Media

Frozen Yogurt Business and Social Media Why is it important for your soft serve business? Hello my froyo friends!   Todays post is going to be discussing the important of social media for your frozen yogurt business. While store reviews, customer satisfaction and word of mouth are great marketers, in this day and age your […]

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Frozen Yogurt Liquid Mix vs. Powder Mix

Frozen Yogurt Liquid Mix vs. Powder Mix – What’s best for your frozen yogurt shop?     Below I laid out some information on frozen yogurt mixes and what I think the best options are depending on your goals for your business. In my opinion, the top choices for liquid mix in the business are […]

How many frozen yogurt machines do you need for your new store? 1

How many froyo machines¬†will you need for your self serve store to be a success? A lot of people have this question. The amount of machines used in a self serve frozen yogurt store can vary anywhere from 3 to 10. The bigger franchise stores like Orange Leaf, Pinkberry, Menchie’s and Yogurtland seem to stay […]

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