Stoelting Soft Serve Machine Review – Stoelting F231


The Stoelting F231 costs about $13,500 per machine when buying multiple machines for a yogurt store. It ranks up there in price with the Taylor and Electro-Freeze models. As an fyi, pricing on frozen yogurt machines varies depending on region and number of machines purchased.

Performance and product yield wise, the F-231 makes a great yogurt with a nice texture and flavor. But like any other machine, you need to have the settings right for a particular product, and you need to make sure you have a good air to mix ratio (not enough air means bad yogurt).

The Stoelting  allows you to see the froyo product while it’s being beat by the augers inside the cylinders. It makes it a little more fun to be able to see the mix being frozen. The Stoelting look is distinctly different and has a nice digital display.

This Stoelting F231 is a medium capacity machine as far as the hoppers go. It has 3 gallons hoppers (where the yogurt mix goes) and each freezing cylinder has a 3 liter capacity. The cylinder might be a little big for a self serve yogurt store, but if you do super high volume in a self serve environment, this is a good machine.

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