Planet Yogurt in Valencia, CA

Hello Fellow Froyo Lovers!

This review is about Planet Yogurt in Valencia, California. I will start off by saying that I will certainly be going back to Planet Yogurt! It was amazing from the start.

When you first walk in you are greeted by a very friendly staff asking if you have any questions immediately. The whole store is very welcoming and it’s apparent that they value customer service above all.

The look of the place is awesome. The lighting is a very cool blue, making the store seem fresh and modern. The design seems “space-like” which is very fitting with their name! The best part is that the store is incredibly clean and everything was in it’s right place. It also smelled delicious!

Upon entering, an employee led us to the back part of the store where she introduced us to all of the flavors and told us a lot of information about their yogurt. They use Danon probiotic yogurt, which has various health benefits. It’s great for your digestion, immune system, and is delicious! What more can you ask for? She also mentioned how their yogurt has a less “fluffy” appearance than many other yogurt stores. This is because they don’t pump any air into their yogurt. Because of this, the yogurt doesn’t really sit up in the cup as most usually do.¬†Once she was done going over everything she taught us how to use the sample cups with the yogurt pump and let us continue our Planet yogurt adventure!

I got the flavors Salted Caramel Popcorn, Cake Batter, Vanilla Bean and Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet. The consistency of the yogurt was a little runnier than I was used to but let me tell you, that does nothing to the flavor! The yogurt was incredibly delicious and SO creamy. I filled my cup full and ate every last bit! Each flavor was just as good as the last. I will say that despite there being less air, this yogurt was delightful. I could hardly believe I wasn’t eating ice cream, it was that rich and decadent!

Planet Yogurt has over 80 toppings! They had just about every topping I could imagine and then some. With various sauces including marshmallow cream (a personal favorite) my Planet Yogurt creation looked like a kindergardener’s art project by the end! It’s almost Halloween so they even had various Halloween toppings such as candy corns and little candy pumpkins! Yum! There was something for everyone. Another amazing thing about the toppings was that ALL of the fruit was completely fresh and delicious! This is one of the first things I look for in a yogurt store because nobody likes old fruit. Planet Yogurt’s fruit looked as though it was fresh and new. They also offered to cut bananas for you on request so they could be as fresh as possible.

Last but not least, the yogurt was very reasonably priced! I felt like I had definitely filled my cup and the total came out to only a little over $5. So awesome.

Planet Yogurt also offers WiFi, tons of indoor and outdoor seating, fleece blankets for when it gets cold outside, AND kids toys! They have literally thought of everything they can do to make their customer’s experience the best it can be.

I can say I will definitely be returning to Planet Yogurt VERY soon! I loved my experience there. I especially was happy with the excellent customer service and amazing quality of their yogurt. They are doing an excellent job!

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! Pictures from my visit are below.

Peace, love & froyo!



frozen yogurt store

Planet Yogurt’s Exterior

frozen yogurt machines frozen yogurt business

Some of Planet Yogurt’s Yummy Flavors!

frozen yogurt business frozen yogurt machines

Stacks and stacks of froyo cups… yum!

frozen yogurt machines

My friend, Misty, sampling the froyo!

frozen yogurt business

Planet Yogurt’s statement about their yogurt!

frozen yogurt topping bar

I didn’t get a great picture of the fruit toppings so I stole this one from Planet Yogurt’s Facebook page. Look how delicious and fresh! Also, so much variety.

frozen yogurt machines frozen yogurt topping bar

So many toppings! That was one of my favorite things about Planet Yogurt.

frozen yogurt toppings

Halloween Toppings! Yum!

frozen yogurt store frozen yogurt business

My delicious Planet Yogurt Froyo Creation! YUM!



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