Honey Hill Farms Frozen Yogurt Mix Review

frozen yogurt mix reviews

The Honey Hill Farms are based out of Arkansas and are one of the largest and most popular national suppliers of frozen yogurt mix products. They’ve have over 65 years worth of knowledge and experience making gourmet soft-serve desserts.

They have dozens of different types of yogurt such as seasonal flavors, greek, nonfat, nonfat tarts, nonfat with no sugar added (NSA), low fat & reduced fat, sorbets, SwirlFusion,  and CustomBlendz. HH farms also has tons of gluten-free flavors available!

They take their craft very seriously and don’t ever lower their standards when it comes to quality. Unlike many companies that have dropped the difficult process of the aging froyo product before blast freezing, Honey Hill farms has kept this tradition up and it shows in the flavor and quality of their yogurt.

They don’t buy their flavors from a single flavoring company so they keep a massive variety that never stops evolving. Honey Hill farms strives for the best! They use ingredients like fruit purees, delicious cocoas, vanillas, vanilla beans, coffees, cookies, marshmallow, nuts and many others to create exciting and exotic flavors on the daily. Each of these ingredients are carefully selected and blended into each batch of frozen yogurt.

HH farms doesn’t try to overproduce flavors just to add more variety. They make sure that every flavor is of excellent quality and will appeal to a large crowd. Some companies will go overboard just to produce a TON of flavor diversity but a lot of times this leads to throwaway flavors that don’t sell. Quality over quantity will always be the best option when it comes to frozen yogurt flavors.

The  yogurt has a great consistency, very smooth and creamy. They use real dairy, fresh milk, and high counts of beneficial live yogurt cultures including probiotics.

Another great thing about HH farms is they offer a “Yogologist” program where you can go to Honey Hill farms and get a lot more awesome information. You can try the product and their various flavors. This is a great tool for those people who are looking to start their own frozen yogurt business or store.

What I appreciate the most about The Honey Hill Farms is their delicious yogurt and their amazing variety of flavors. I give them a 10/10.


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