Frozen Yogurt Reviews – Chelsea’s Sweet Tooth!

Hello, my froyo friends!


Just a quick post from a recent photoshoot of me. Frozen yogurt is my favorite but I love lots of treats, as shown below. I’ve always had a sweet tooth which makes sense since I’ve grown up in the frozen dessert industry.


While I love, love, love ice cream… I’ve always had a special place in my heart for frozen yogurt. It’s healthier, is good for digestion and as someone who loves regular yogurt, how can you not love a sweet version of something that’s already amazing?! It’s a guilt-free dessert option and you have the freedom to create your dessert exactly the way you want it, especially if a frozen yogurt store knows how to do business. My mission is to help as many frozen yogurt businesses thrive as possible so that I can continue to enjoy my favorite dessert and help business owners find their way in this confusing world.


I hope everyone is enjoying my frozen yogurt reviews and finding the site helpful. If you have questions, comments or want me to post about anything specific, let me know! I’m here to help you and I always love feedback.


I hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday and I look forward to hearing from you.


frozen yogurt reviews

If you’re opening your own frozen yogurt store or already have a froyo business, the main help guide I recommend is‘s FREE Soft serve business guide e-book. It’s a free resource and has tons of super valuable information. Click here to download it for free or on the picture below.


Peace, love & froyo!


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