Frozen Yogurt Mobile Catering Carts – Add to your business!


Frozen Yogurt Mobile Catering Carts – Add to your business!

Do you currently own or are you getting ready to open a frozen yogurt shop?

Make sure you look into the new catering opportunities. Mobile catering carts are an excellent addition to any soft serve ice cream business. Not only can you make a ton of extra money but you’ll build and strengthen your brand. Another great perk of mobile catering is that you’ll be putting your name out into your community. The more places people see your business, the better!

You don’t want to take the easy way out and get a crappy, cheaper cart. Trust me, it’ll reflect badly on your business and also your customer service will suffer. The best bet is to go with a Nelson catering ice cream cart. You can buy them HERE. These ice cream carts ave cold plates that keep the froyo cups frozen for up to 12 hours without the need for electricity. The Nelson brand units are the best mobile ice cream carts in the business. With nationwide service and full warranty, you can’t go wrong with Nelson brand and their strong and reliable carts. They are also extremely affordable. For more information those dipping carts and your options click here.


frozen yogurt mobile catering

Love the graphics on this froyo cart

How to add Frozen Yogurt Mobile Catering to your biz:

Everyone will eventually figure out what works best for their business on their own, but generally people use 8-12 oz cups and pre-fill them with froyo (not all the way to the top, leaving space for any desired toppings) Put a lid on them and put them in a freezer a day or 2 before, or right into the cart. You can fit about 400 eight oz cups.



Various Mobile Frozen Yogurt Catering Carts pictured below:

frozen yogurt business and machines

Love this design from CuppaYo! So cute.


frozen yogurt equipment reviews

Cool cart with topping bar included.


frozen yogurt equipment for sale

Adorable Cherry Berry Mobile Cart

frozen yogurt equipment for sale

Frozen Yogurt Catering Cart killing it

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