Frozen Yogurt Machine Reviews Spaceman 6260

Frozen Yogurt Machine Reviews

Spaceman 6260

frozen yogurt reviews


Hello, my froyo friends!


Today I will be reviewing the Spaceman 6260 Commercial Frozen Yogurt Machine. These are beautiful and powerful machines that will do your frozen yogurt business good. They rarely have technical issues and have a sleek design that will make your frozen yogurt store look amazing.


I am a big fan of Spaceman USA. They manufacture slushy and soft serve equipment. All of their machines are extremely high quality at an affordable price. These machines are known for making frozen yogurt mix taste the best it possibly can! In terms of size and capacity, their build is similar to Taylor frozen yogurt machines.


spaceman frozen yogurt machines for sale


Let’s go over some technical information about the machine. The spaceman 6260 can offer all of the soft serve variations you could want for your frozen yogurt store. From non/low fat ice cream to yogurt, custards and sorbet. There are two freezing cylinders and they are each 3.2 Liters. The machine had two mix hoppers that are 15 Liters each. Separate hopper refrigeration maintains mix temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit during cool and standby modes.


When your mix level is low, the machine comes with a “Mix Low Indicator” that will let the operator know to add mix. The microprocessor controls on the machine automatically regulate refrigeration in order to maintain consistent product quality by controlling product viscosity and temp. There’s even a counter on the machine that records the number of dispenses each day and let’s you know the total number of dispenses. This machine also produces 65 Quarts an hour which is perfect for the summer rush when you need to be serving lots of product AND FAST!


The 6260 also has some safety protections set in place to keep your machine running in tip top shape. For example there are low temperature and motor overload cutouts that will protect the cylinder from over freezing. There is also a high pressure switch that prevents the compressor from overheating and the thermal overload will protect the motor from overheating. These safety measures are extremely important when it comes to keeping up a healthy machine that will work for you for many years to come.


All of the frozen yogurt store owners who I’ve consulted with on their personal experiences with this machine say that it has been an essential part to their soft serve store business success. I would recommend this machine 100%!

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Here’s a quick video reviewing this frozen yogurt machine:


Here’s some more photos of Spaceman frozen yogurt machines. I am a fan of their brand for sure! Are you?!


frozen yogurt machine reviews



Thank you for taking the time to read my review! Please let me know if you have any questions and/or comments :)

Peace, love & froyo,




Click here to download this free soft serve business guide! It’s a great resource if you’re looking to open a frozen yogurt store or soft serve shop!

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