Donper BT7180 Countertop Soft Serve Machine Review

Donper BT7180 Counter Top Soft Serve Machine Review

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Frozen Yogurt Machine Reviews


Hello fellow froyo lovers!


Today I will be reviewing the Donper BT7180 Countertop Frozen Yogurt Machine. I think it’s a great option for many reasons, especially if you’re a store that sells more than just frozen yogurt.


This machine is a great pick because it was designed for various applications. This countertop machine has the smallest equipment footprint in the Donper family and was designed as a 115V unit allowing it to plug into most standard outlets. This machine is great for restaurants, schools, amusement parks, outdoor events or catering services. It’s very portable and easy to use. Because of its portability one of the main things to remember about this machine is that it is not good for a high volume operation. If you plan on having a line out the door, you will need a bigger, more powerful machine. This machine is perfect for a coffee shop that sells one or two cups every 5 or 10 minutes, but not appropriate for a store that will have a huge line out the door for just frozen yogurt. If you have a restaurant and are looking to expand your business to serving frozen desserts on the side you should definitely take a look at this machine.


The BT7180 is extremely easy to maintain and clean. It’s a beautiful looking machine with a steel exterior. Donper America designed the machine to contain less wearable parts that most competitors. The machine’s design also allows it to not only dispense frozen yogurt, but also, ice cream, gelato, frozen custard, and sorbets. This is amazing because you can utilize this machine for any of your frozen dessert purposes.


I would recommend the Donper 100% because it’s a beautiful machine that will do your business good if you want to add some of that froyo flair! It’s energy and cost efficient and will be an amazing addition to any food service company. Just make sure that it is not your main yogurt machine as it is not appropriate for high volume use.



Donper Countertop frozen yogurt machine reviews


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Electrical – One Dedicated electrical circuit per unit is required.
Air Cooled – A minimum clearance of 6 inches is required on the left, right and rear faces of the machine.
Clearance – A minimum clearance is not required for the front face of the machine.

Voltage – 115 V
Hertz – 60 Hz
Plug Type – 5-20P
Phase – Single
Breaker Size – 20A, Single Pole
Drive Motor – (1) – 0.75 (500 W)

Height: 29.125 inches
Width: 17.72 inches
Length: 29.125 inches

See Spec sheet below for specific specs.



Watch the video below for more specifics on Donper!



Hope you guys enjoyed this frozen yogurt machine review!


Peace, love & froyo,


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